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Here some questions and answers some of you may have when visiting this directory. If you're question(s) were not answered after reading this then please use contact form.

question - I have a fanlisting but it's not listed at the anime fanlistings network, can I still join?
answer - I'm sorry but no, I only allow fanlistings approved by the anime fanlistings network.

question - Why does my fanlisting have to be approved by the anime fanlistings network?
answer - Because if I just allow all fanlistings to be listed then there is a chance I will be listing over 5 fanlistings all deciated to one subject which is just pointless to me.

question - I have sent in an update form over a week/month ago why hasn't my information been changed yet?
answer - If it's only been a week then you will have to wait at least a month, I do update forms only once a month. If you have sent it in and it's been over a month just resend it or contact me about it.

... more questions and answers coming soon